General Contracting

We are builders. We’re on the job getting our hands dirty making sure everything gets done right. We maintain an excellent staff of both administrative and field management personnel as well as a diversified workforce of tradesmen. We take pride in the fact that we are a true “general contractor” in the sense that we continue to self-perform work on our projects. From procurement to punch list, we look out for the owner’s best interest and are the single point of responsibility for all aspects of your project


Home Remodeling

Whether you are looking for minor home remodeling or wish to have a complete transformation, Direct Improvements can make it happen. We use high-quality materials and superior workmanship to ensure that your home remodeling project increases or retains the value of your home. Because home remodeling is very important for the integrity and style of your home, you should choose professionals to offer you these services. We help alleviate the stress associated with your projects.


Home Renovation

Unlike home remodeling projects, which can significantly alter the layout and appearance of your home, home renovations are done to maintain what is already there. You can consider us the doctors for your home! We will conduct an inspection and notify you of any renovations that need to be done. It is our mission to restore your home to its original character. Home renovations are not to be taken lightly. They require expert skill if you do not want to devalue your home. Always hiring a licensed and insured contractor will make you happy in the long run.

Next Steps...

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